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‘Tis the Season for Taxes (Again)

Just when I think I’ve shared everything I know about business taxes, I come up with something else. That’s because there’s SO much to know about handling them! I’ve have learned all of these lessons the hard way but am … Continue reading

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Second Year Success Stories

In this past year of writing the blog, my practice has risen to new levels. The cash flow and tax payment inconsistencies that have plagued me from the beginning are over! Most of my triumphs came from going against traditional wisdom and … Continue reading

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Timeless Tax Prep Tools and Tips

When I began my blog in 2015, one of my clients who is a massage therapist told me she wanted to know more about taxes. I bet she’s not alone. That’s why I have continued to document my progress as … Continue reading

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Achieving Estimated Tax Payment Mastery

This may be my last post about taxes. Not because they aren’t important but because mastering business taxes isn’t really that complicated. It’s an experiment of trial and error that every self-employed person must perform. My journey through estimated taxes … Continue reading

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My Tax Preparation Plan (Part Two)

My practice experienced tremendous growth last year! I stopped working my part-time franchise job last February and have been earning a living exclusively from my massage business ever since (my sales increased 188% over 2014)! As fantastic as this is, … Continue reading

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My Tax Preparation Plan (Part One)

Ah, taxes! They are the single greatest stressor of owning my business, especially during these early years when revenues tend to be lower and less predictable. What makes planning for them so tricky for me is the perception that the … Continue reading

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You’ve Heard About Death and Taxes…

“Should five percent appear too small, be thankful I don’t take it all.”-“Taxman,” The Beatles Although I’m left with far more than 5% of my income after paying state and federal taxes (thank goodness!), that expense is the biggest downside of owning … Continue reading

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