Getting Clients to Come Back Sooner

Here’s a massage business no-brainer: If clients come in more quantity-discountoften they get better results and you make more money. Sounds simple, right? For some clients it is but others need some incentive to step up their visitation schedule.

The gold standard in the industry is the multi-session package. When I started my practice, I stumbled upon the effectiveness of this gem completely on accident. I was trying different specials each month and was offering three one-hour massages for $99 as the January special (I know this is super inexpensive but remember I was just starting out with no clients). I sold a few but realized how attractive they were when clients booking in February asked if they could get the same special (of course I said yes!).

Selling packages has pros and cons. One positive is you get a commitment from a client to visit a certain number of times. Even if they choose not to use all their prepaid sessions, you still make money from them. The con I found is that when almost all regular clients are buying packages, they aren’t paying each time. That means you may not actually be paid on a regular basis.

cash-flowThis became a real cash flow problem for me when clients would cancel the appointment a new package would start on. Through no fault of their own, the timing was just wrong. After months of hoping this would work itself out, I knew I had to do something different when two clients booked a day apart who buy my highest priced package both cancelled the appointment they would be paying me on (with plenty of notice). This meant the money I was counting on to pay bills was not going to materialize. I’d been through this several times before and needed a new strategy.

What wasn’t working about the packages was that I wasn’t being paid consistently. I wanted to have money going into the bank every day I see clients instead of in random larger chunks. This would give me more financial stability and predictability.

So I decided to offer the same percentage discount clients received buying a package if they paid per visit at least once a month. This encompassed the majority of my regular clients. As an example, a client who comes in consistently once a month or more would now pay me $50 per visit instead of $150 every three visits. I raised the price of my packages 10% to keep them available for the few clients who would benefit from this option. This way, those who come in every six weeks or have more variation in their schedule still have an opportunity to save while giving more frequent clients a reason to pay me each time.

This change has been amazingly successful! Not only is my cash flow better, a couple of clients have started coming in more often because it’s easier for them to budget this way. All of the feedback I’ve received has been positive. One client even said it would help her stay on her massage schedule during the holidays!

When clients asked me why I made this adjustment, I was honest with them. Clients who love you and enjoy more quality of life because of your work together want you to stay in business. Being able to make a living is the most crucial piece to having a practice that I love!

What kinds of frequency incentives have you offered? What have been your results? If you don’t see a comment box below, click the Leave a comment link to share. Thank you!

About deepheeling

I'm an ashiatsu barefoot deep tissue massage specialist dedicated to sharing my journey to creating a successful business that I love!
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