Attracting Clients With Success Stories

I recently got the idea to use case studies as a social media marketing tool. Aren’t note.takingcase studies research reports full of technical jargon? They can be, but I’m writing them in a more general way to describe someone’s treatment experience. Potential clients make the decision to book because they believe I can solve a problem, and learning about someone else’s success may be an effective motivator because they’re looking for similar results.

Case studies differ from testimonials. Typically, testimonials are written by a client and briefly describe why they recommend me or the service I provide, whereas a case study is written by me and describes the treatment details and outcome. Here’s my process:

  • I ask the client’s permission to write the case study and use it on my Facebook page (I finally surrendered to a Facebook business page about a month ago). To protect their privacy, I use a funny alias that I also have them approve.
  • We discuss their initial complaint and course of treatment. I also consult their treatment notes (I jot down a few brief notes after EVERY session) and come up with a rough draft that includes when treatment began, their symptoms, the type of work we did (full body or more specific), any specific muscles of focus (with their scientific and common names or descriptions), as well as the number and frequency of sessions.
  • The rough draft has options for symptom descriptions and severity, activities that were limited, how they feel now, and what treatment they continue to receive (if any). I email the draft to the client for them to edit, or print it and go over it with them in person, so what I’m presenting is consistent with their actual experience.

I think case studies are powerful for two reasons: They set realistic expectations about what’s involved to achieve results and illustrate that real people are living better lives as a result of receiving massage from me. I’m confident that conveying these tangible messages will continue to add perfect clients to the practice that I love!

What kinds of self-promotion do you post on social media? Please share your ideas in the comments. Thank you!

About deepheeling

I'm an ashiatsu barefoot deep tissue massage specialist dedicated to sharing my journey to creating a successful business that I love!
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